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3D & 4/D Gender Reveals

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3D & 4D Gender Reveals

Angel Kisses 3D Ultrasound & Boutique offers many ultrasound packages to view baby. 2D, 3D, and 4D images with photos and flash drives included. Hear baby’s heart beat, measure baby’s progress and find out if you are having a boy or girl! All in our spa-like ultrasound room where you can be comfortable and enjoy yourself. 10% off returning ultrasounds for your same pregnancy.

Frequently Asked Questions for 3D & 4D Gender Reveals

Do I need to drink water before my appointment?

We recommend that you increase your water intake 3-4 days prior to your appointment to allow for adequate amniotic fluid which will aid in better ultrasound pictures of your baby.

Do I need to have a full bladder for my ultrasound?

The only appointment you’ll need to drink water before is the Guardian Angels-First trimester package. We ask that you drink 24-36 ounces of water 45 min before your appointment. You can arrive with an empty bladder for all of the other packages.

Is Ultrasound safe?

Studies have proven that ultrasound is safe during pregnancy. There are no documented harmful effects to you or your baby.  In fact, 3D ultrasounds have been shown to improve maternal-fetal bonding.
We use GE ultrasound equipment that is the best system in obstetrics delivering state of the art imaging. Our equipment is calibrated and maintained by field service engineers.

Do I need a doctor’s order?

Absolutely not. Our ultrasounds are elective and designed to capture images of your unborn baby for you and your family to enjoy. They are not intended to replace the diagnostic ultrasound exams ordered for medical purposes. In fact, we require you to be under the care of a licensed physician or nurse midwife before you see us and provide us with their name and telephone number prior to your appointment.

Are these ultrasounds covered by insurance?

No, these ultrasound packages we provide are elective. We do accept multiple forms of payment though, such as most major credit cards, debit cards and cash.

What is the difference between 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasound?

2D ultrasound displays a cross-sectional image of your baby in shades of grey, black and white.
3D ultrasound provides an advanced method which captures three-dimensional images of your baby. It provides a reconstructed volume image of your baby.
4D ultrasound is live 3D imaging. The image is continuously updated so you can watch your baby move, yawn and smile.

What happens if we are unable to determine gender during your ultrasound session?

You may return for us to check the gender again free of charge. No additional services will be included with the return visit unless purchased separately.

What if we want gender determined but don’t want to know until a later time?

We can keep your baby’s gender a secret and put an ultrasound labeled picture of the baby’s gender in a sealed envelope to be opened at a later time.

What happens if we are unable to obtain a 3D image of your baby during your session?

Sometimes various uncontrollable factors will inhibit us from being able to get a good 3D view of your baby such as baby’s position, low amniotic fluid or other maternal factors. You may return within the 26-34 week time frame for a second attempt free of charge. No additional services will be included with the return visit unless purchased separately.

What happens if you see something abnormal on my baby?

At Angel Kisses 3D your ultrasounds will only be performed by ARDMS sonographers certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology with training in Maternal Fetal Medicine. Although we are not performing diagnostic imaging, we feel ethically obligated to inform your physician if in the rare circumstance we come across something concerning with your baby. We will contact your physician that day, or the following if you have an evening or weekend appointment, to inform them of the finding as well as ask you to follow up with them.

Can I bring family members and friends with me to my appointment?

Yes we encourage that you bring your loved ones with you to experience this joyful event! Seating for 12 guests with additional standing room!

Services and Pricing 3D & 4D Gender Reveal Packages

Guardian Angels | 10 – 14 Wks $99 (15m)

15 minute 2D Ultrasound session only | | 5 Black and white photos | Flash drive with all images included (10-20) | Measurements of the baby | See baby’s heartbeat live (visual only) | Measure baby’s heart rate

Hint of a Halo | 15 – 26 Weeks $129 (20m)

Deluxe 20 minute 2D/3D/4D Ultrasound session | 5 Black and white photos | 2-2D or 3D color photos | Flash drive with all images included (20-30) | Estimate of baby’s weight | Identify baby’s position | Listen to the baby’s heartbeat live | Gender determination upon request

Angel Kiss 3D/4D | 26 – 34 Weeks $169 (25m)

Premium 25 minute 2D/3D/4D Ultrasound session | 10 Black and white photos | 2-3D color photos | Flash drive with all images (30-40) | Estimate baby’s weight | Identify baby’s position | Listen to the baby’s heartbeat live | Gender determination upon request | 3-5 minute video synced to a lullaby

A Cherub’s Journey |$340 (25m)

All three packages encompassing of all three trimesters during your pregnancy. Each session runs from 15 to 25 minutes ($25.00 savings!)

Radiant Heartbeat | 14 – 36 Weeks $85 (5m)

Doppler recording of your baby’s heart beat put it into a large plush animal | 5 minute 2Dimensional Ultrasound session | 5 Black and white photos

Harps or Horns – Gender |15 – 35 Weeks $89 (15m)

Light Illuminated Gender Determination Ultrasound | 15 minute 2Dimensional ultrasound | 5 Black and white photos | Flash drive with all images included (10-20) Listen to the baby’s heartbeat live | Gender reveal confection with a keepsake gift.

Angel Wings | 3D/4D | 26 – 34 Wks $100 (15m)

15 minute 3D/4D Ultrasound session | 5 Black and white photos | Flash drive with all images included (15-25) | Listen to the baby’s heartbeat live | Gender determination upon request

Flutter of Wings | 26 – 38 wks | $90 (10m)

10 minute 3rd trimester 2D Ultrasound session to determine baby’s weight & position | 5 Black and white photos | Listen to the baby’s heartbeat live | Gender determination upon request

Peek-A-Boo Package


10 minute Ultrasound session to take a sneak peek of your little one anytime!| 1 Keepsake photo | No promotions can be added to this special

Gender Reveal Party

Upscale gender reveal party at Angel Kisses 3D Ultrasound!
Rent out our boutique for a unique experience that will have your
family & friends talking for years to come! We’ll do all the set up
and clean up for you.

One hour Gender Reveal party – up to 20 guests – $499
• Nothing Bundt Cakes Gender Reveal cake
• Harps or Horns gender ultrasound with a video to be shown
that evening (done at least 24 hours before the party)
• 2 bottles of white wine or 2 bottles of champagne & sparkling juice for mom
• Your choice of customized gender reveal candles or candy tins for each guest
• Guests receive 10% off of all purchases
Includes paper plates, cups, and flatware

*We can add a light illuminated ultrasound experience that evening to your party and will.
Add an additional 15minutes of party time for an additional $99.00

Call us at 1 (630) 580-0082 with any questions or for any additional information! We’d love to celebrate this special occasion with you! Book Your Gender Reveal Party Today!