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Should I Register?


Should I Register?

It feels like there are thousands of stores that I can register for my baby shower. Basic ones like Babies R Us, Target, and Buy Buy Baby are some of the more popular stores that people choose. But with a change in how hand me downs, discount shopping, and coupon clipping has been shaping our ever-so-trendy lifestyles, should I really expect people to buy the $200 stroller that I will probably only use for a few months?

I have looked at the trendy and sleek design of the new “swings” which look nothing more than a rocking egg. Pricey, yes. Do they get the job done, probably. Is it worth spending almost $150 more on as opposed to the swing that everyone was so accustomed to last year, I think not! That is about 5 boxes of diapers!!!!! If I don’t want to spend money on it, how can I expect my 2nd cousin’s twice removed best friend to pay for one?

One thing that I found useful with my first baby, is to register at only the common stores like Target and Walmart. It is easier on the invitee to pick up a gift while grocery shopping or picking up their own necessities; not to mention, things are usually less expensive at those places.

The other thing is, don’t ask for the big stuff. Chances are, your immediate family already knows you need it, and if this is the first grandbaby for your parents, they are probably all too eager to go and get you the big stuff anyways. Keep it simple. Ask for diapers, lotions, and diaper cream… Lots of diaper cream!! Be prepaired to get some doubles, but you can always exchange your stuff. Oh, and remember, places like Wal-Mart have diaper exchange programs!

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