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Finding Out You’re Pregnant


Finding Out You’re Pregnant

Finding out you are going to be a parent for the first time, or again, can come with so many different emotions. Some people are instantly happy while others feel overwhelmed and worried about the future. Either way, you have a blessing that is going to arrive in about 9 months. How do you prepare? What types of things do you need to do before he/ she arrives?

Babies, as small as they can be, have a lot of necessities and even more “cute” things that you will want for your little one! While I sit back and remember the things that I needed to buy for my little one, I am starting to get anxious all over again! It all first started with the cute little gender neutral outfit and started to pile up from there. The first 14 weeks of the pregnancy were crazy- trying to plan where everything was going to go and what we needed to buy. Wouldn’t it be great if it told you boy or girl on the pregnancy test in the beginning?

Clothes, shoes, blankets, crib, bassinet, swing, car seat, and so on- it gets really pricey really fast. I started checking into things to help save money as I started to see my checking account start to deplete itself. Facebook groups are a good way to go, so is getting hand me downs from friends, but another thing I found useful was shopping local.

Sure, Walmart and Target have a lot of cute things- so does Carters, Osh Kosh, and a lot of other bigger stores. But, one thing is that they are all the same, they all only last so long, and most of them do not come with the quality that you may be looking for in an outfit for your new favorite person! Shopping local provides the opportunity to get quality for an affordable price and build a network of people that you can go to if you need something for your little.

Remember- shopping local supports families like yours!

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