Angel Kisses 3D | Two swollen ankles, a baby bump, and endless exhaustion!
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Two swollen ankles, a baby bump, and endless exhaustion!


Two swollen ankles, a baby bump, and endless exhaustion!

If your lucky, this happens in your last trimester, but for some, it comes even earlier. Nothing fits right, nothing looks right, and everything makes you uncomfortable. Trust me, I’ve been there. Your legs absorb your socks and you have a difficult time even seeing if your feet still exist. All you know is you are ready for this baby to make his or her arrival!

The doctors say that laying down on your left side will help by lowing your blood pressure and help decreasing the swelling. It helps, I can attest to that. But what else helps? Eating less salt; sure, but your cravings are not going to subside. Drink more water; yeah, but aren’t you retaining water- won’t that make it worse?

The Baby centre is always a good place to check out information on different experiences during pregnancy- and your doctor too! About half of all pregnant women experience it around their ankles, particularly in the last few months of pregnancy. You may find your fingers, face and lower back become swollen too.

The swelling in your legs usually gets worse towards the end of the day, especially if you’re on your feet a lot. Gravity makes fluid collect at the lowest point in your body. Hot weather and being tired can also make swelling worse. Call your doctor or midwife if the swelling:Moves up your calf and leaves an indentation when pressed, or is sudden or severe in your face, hands or feet. If this happens in your third trimester, it could mean that you have pre-eclampsia.Occurs only in one leg, particularly if your calf is red, tender and lumpy.

These can be symptoms of a blood clot in your vein (thrombosis).If your wrists and hands are swollen, you may develop carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). CTS happens when the swelling compresses the nerve running from your fingers and up your arm.

If you ever have any questions about any experiences, please refer to your doctor first, as they will be able to give you the best advice!

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